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Using Press Releases To Generate Hits

Press releases aren’t just for the latest movie release, technology craze, or big business.  They are an excellent way to promote your business or product.  And the best part is that you can do it free.  All it costs is the knowledge to write good copy and the time to put a press release together.

The method to writing a press release is similar to writing an eZine article.  Use Google Adwords to find the keywords you should go after.  Write up a title containing one or more of those adwords.  Write a summary containing 2-4 sentences and use those keywords again.  Then write your release.  Again, using those keywords throughout your text.

How To Do It

The process is not difficult at all, and the rewards greatly outweigh the costs.  Some press release sites will allow you enter tags, or keywords, to link with your article.  As long as you remember the general rules for writing, you can compose an informative press release.

Remember to focus in on the basics:  Who, what, where, when, how, and why.  Make sure you cover all these aspects within your release in order to give the reader as much information as possible.  Tell them who you are, what your release is about, where they can get additional information, etc.

Most of these sites also a paid subscription to their services.  The benefits can range anywhere from allowing multiple links in your release, inserting images, a further reaching audience, or a combination of these.

Finding a Site

The next step is choosing a decent site for your press releases.  I found a great list of the top 20 free press release sites.  This would be a very good place to begin your research and analysis.  Personally, I use Free Press Release for mine.  The process is very straightforward and easy to use.  And a high Alexia ranking translates into its popularity with others.  In fact, after just one day following my first press release I had received over 170 hits to my site.

So suffice to say, writing and submitting a press release can be very valuable to growing your business and receiving more hits on your website.

To Your Success