About Me

If you’ve made it to this page, you might be wondering, “Who is this guy and why should I listen to him?”.  I’m married to a wonderful woman and have two incredible (and sometimes frustrating) children.  Appleton, WI is where I call home.  Not sure where that is?  About 30min south of Green Bay.  And also the hometown of Harry Houdini.  See, you’ve already learned something.

So what makes me think I can hand out advice?  Well, I’ve been a network marketer for 4+ years now.  And I’ve tried a lot of the techniques you’ve probably tried yourself.  Problem is, given my availability, those techniques didn’t work out so well.  You’re probably familiar with what I’m talking about:  Talk to your family and friends; Approach anyone you come in contact with; Purchase literature, DVDs, CDs, etc and hand them out.  Don’t forget about the follow-up.  And, of course, invite to presentations.  Invite, invite, invite.

Now, these techniques have obviously worked for some people.  And they still work for others.  They just didn’t work for me.  So if you take anything away from this blog…promote your business within your comfort zone.  Seeing these techniques weren’t working very well for me, I began dabbling with internet marketing and email blasts.  I tried many different programs, but again, could not find success.

So far you’re probably thinking, “OK, this guy isn’t giving me much confidence”.  Before you make that leap, ask yourself one thing:  How do we learn?  We learn from our mistakes.  And I’ve make A LOT of them.

I’m now part of a group that specializes in marketing on the internet using more modern and up-to-date techniques.  I’ve found a mentor who has been guiding me.  And most importantly, I’ve learned from my mistakes.  Which is what I want to share with you on this blog.  Various things I’ve tried, my experiences with them, and the direction I’m following now.  Hopefully you find the information beneficial and don’t make the same mistakes I did.

I’ve you’d like to contact me personally, please visit the Contact page.  The best way to reach me is via email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Looking forward to emptying my brain and assisting you in your success.