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How To Use A Sales Funnel For Your MLM Business

Using a Sales Funnel should be an integral part of your business plan if you want to achieve home business success.  And using a sales funnel is a concept I was not introduced to when I first began my home business.  Because of the value, and the fact you may not be aware of the concept yourself, I felt it would be beneficial to explain it to some degree.

Let’s begin with an explanation of exactly what a sales funnel is.  The basic concept here is to funnel prospects through a system to not only get leads, but to also qualify those leads.  When they come out of the funnel, you should have highly targeted, highly qualified leads who want to partner with you.  That’s a far cry from you having to find them, which is what 95% of network marketers do right now.

The process of creating a sales funnel is fairly straight forward.  And nowadays, it can be done primarily through the use of social media.  So your first step is to get signed up for sites such as Facebook and Twitter, if you’re not already.  It costs absolutely nothing to sign up for these sites, so we’re talking about free home business advertising here.  These sites are going to become your front line in the battle.

You are also going to want to dust off those old English Composition books from school.  Article writing is going to become another tool in your box, as is blogging.  Writing good, informative articles will not only drive people through your funnel, but it also helps to brand yourself as an expert.  Look at a site like ezinearticles for writing articles.  Again, it is free to sign-up.

When it comes to blogs, you have two options:  you can create a free site via WordPress, Blogger or Blogspot.  They are very easy to use and you can get a site up in no time.  The downside is that search engines do not crawl them very well.  To combat that flaw, you can go with a paid site like  The format is the same as the free site, but you are given the freedom to use your own domain name.  You will need to purchase your domain name and a hosting site, but this will also allow you more freedom in designing your blog AND the search engines will find you easier.

Take a look at this graphic showing a basic sales funnel for mlm businesses:

As you can see, your Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and articles would be located in the upper left of this diagram.  From there, they are funneled to a lead capture page so you can obtain their contact info.  You then work on building a relationship with these people via your social media websites, email, and phone calls.  Remember, people will buy from those they know, like, and trust.  And eventually, they are funneled to your specific business opportunity or product.

My method differs slightly from the diagram here, as I combine my lead capture page with my business opportunity.  So let me give you an example of how I accomplish this.

I create a blog article with beneficial content for people.  I will then use Facebook and Twitter (along with a few other social media sites) to promote the article I have written.  This funnels individuals who are interested in my topic over to my blog.  From my blog, they can read the full article.  At the end of the article is something called an ‘About The Author’ box.  It is here where I direct people to my lead capture/business opportunity site.  You can see an example at the end of this article.  If they enter their information to gain access to the free video tour I get two benefits:  first, I now have contact information and second, they are able to view my unique business opportunity.

As you can see, if a person is interested enough from what they see on Facebook they will read the full article on my blog.  And if the information is captivating enough, they may proceed to the business opportunity site.  If their curosity is peaked enough, they enter their contact information and view my web tour.  At this point they have gone through three aspects of the funnel system.  This lead has shown enough interest to become a highly qualified lead.

From this point, it becomes a simple process of making contact with that lead and talking to them about what they have seen.  That’s right…no more having to purchase leads.  So I hope you see the benefits a sales funnel can provide you with not only finding leads, but also in qualifying those leads and establishing a relationship.

What Would You Like To See More Of?

to see the posts I have received the most requests for additional info.  Let me hear from you…what do you want to hear more of?

If something is not listed, please add a comment and let me know what you would like to see.  It doesn’t have to be based off a previous post either…anything is free game.

Tips On How To Increase Your Google Ranking

I shot this video a month ago to provide some tips on how to increase your search engine ranking.  But given the fact that I had more information to write about, this got put on the back burner.

Given the fact that I have received some comments asking to provide more information on this subject, I decided now was a good time to finally make this short video available.

I would like to mention, in the video I state how I was able to take this blog from an Alexa rating of about 7.5 MILLION to around 850,000 in the span of 3-months.  Since I did this video one month ago, my Alexa ranking has gone from 850,000 to 509,000.  So, these techniques do work.  Hope you find it beneficial.

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The Secret Of Converting Prospects Into Customers

In my previous post, How To Approach People About Your Home Business, I essentially discussed how to strike up a conversation with someone and ask questions.  These questions you ask are an important ingredient in finding their wants and needs.  How can you help someone unless you know what they are even looking for?

Whether you are trying to convert a prospect into a customer or a business associate, you need to find their wants and needs if you hope to achieve home business success.  In this short video, I discuss that exact concept.

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How To Approach People About Your Home Business

You have started a new home business.  Or perhaps you have been involved with a work at home business for some time now.  Are you getting enough people to purchase your products or join your business?  97% of network marketers out there would say, “NO”.

So what is going on?  One of the most common reasons for this is…the person is simply not interested in what you are selling.  But note how I worded that:  “…not interested in what you are selling“.  That one little word is where the bottleneck probably resides.

Generally, people do not like to be “sold” to.  How often do you hang up on a telemarketer?  People tend to avoid this like the plague.

Luckily, there is a solution.  If you haven’t read my previous post, “6 Steps To Inviting Prospects To Your MLM Opportunity“, that would be a good place to start.  Network Marketing guru, Tim Sales, has used these techniques for years, and has made a substantial living doing so.  What you need to do is find out what this person is looking for, and then your job becomes showing them how your opportunity can help them.

But let’s go just one step further.  How do you even strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know.  The answer is easier than you would think:  FORM.  An easy-to-remember acronym to get you through the first two steps of Tim Sales’ system:  meet and qualify.

F = Family.  Simply talk to the person about their family life.  Are you married?  Do you have any kids?  How many?  Do you have boys or girls?  You get the point.  But don’t stop there.  Relate to the person in some way.  If you also have children, for instance, mention that and establish a connection with the person.

O = Occupation.  Now you change topics and talk to the person about their job.  What do they do?  For how long?  What do they like about it?  Anything they dislike about it?  Of course, with the way the economy is nowadays, the person may be unemployed.  Not a problem…just ask about what they did do.

R = Recreation.  Find out about the person’s hobbies and interests.  Again, try to relate to the person in some way.  If they like reading, ask them if they have read anything interesting lately.  Share some books you have read in the past.  Or discuss your local sports team if you both share an interest.  Again, you are looking for a connection.

M = Money.  This can be a touchy subject, so keep the conversation fairly generic.  Rather than bluntly asking them how much they are currently earning, ask them where they see themselves in the next 5, 10, or 20 years.  Or if money weren’t an issue, what would they be doing?

The objective of the FORM method is not simply to gather information about the person.  Instead, all you are doing is having a pleasant conversation with someone.  As they become more comfortable with you, they will begin to open up and trust you.  And this is where you go for the kill, right?  Wrong.

When you get to the point where you feel as though the person is comfortable talking to you…you leave.  Yes, you read that correctly.  But here is the secret.  Before leaving, you ask if they would be open to taking a look at something that may get them whatever it is they are looking for.  Here’s an example:  “Tell you what Bob, I can tell you would like to spend more time with your family.  I don’t know if what we do with our business would be a fit, but it may allow you to do that.  I have to run, but would you be open to discussing it some more?”.

So as you can see, you end up building a relationship with this person, then provide them with a solution.  The fact that you are leaving takes care of any questions which may come up right then and there.  Plus, the person does not feel pressured, nor do they feel as though they are being sold to.

Keep the FORM formula in mind the next time you want to talk to someone about your home business opportunity.  With practice, it could become your most important tool.

The Pay-It-Forward Concept And Network Marketing

A mentor of mine posted a very interesting comment on Facebook today.  He included a video from the movie, “Pay It Forward” starring Kevin Spacey and asked if this was a pyramid scheme.

If you do not know the concept of the movie, a boy comes up with an idea.  He would do a good deed for three people.  Rather than getting “paid back” directly from these people, he instead asks that they, in turn, perform a random act of kindness for three other people.  And so on, and so forth.  You can see an outline of the structure in the picture to the left.

Now, looking at this picture does it look familiar to you at all?  Looks just like one of those pesky “pyramid schemes”, doesn’t it?  So, is this some type of scam?  Of course not.  It is simply an efficient method of one person helping a multitude of others, both directly and indirectly.

The same can be said of a majority of network marketing/home businesses out there.  Isn’t this exactly what you are trying to do in your business?  Help others?  Whether it is helping others obtain extra income, bettering the health of others, or having parents spend more time with their children.  It doesn’t matter what the goal is, the effect is the same:  you are paying it forward.

Let’s assume you are involved in a home business specializing in health products.  If you talk to three people and show them the benefits of your products and business, to the point where they decide to sign up under you, you are now helping those three people.  You are not asking for anything in return, but rather asking them to carry on the message to three other people.  They each, in turn, help three people of their own.  You are now helping a total of twelve people.

Are you receiving a benefit from helping these twelve people achieve their goals?  Sure you are.  It is still a business.  But the concept still holds true.  By speaking to three people about your products or your business, you are starting a chain reaction.

If you have ever seen the video, “The Secret“, or believe in the concept of Karma, you know exactly where this is going.  People who care about helping other people first, and about their own success second, tend to do better in the long-run.

Keep this in mind when you are out there working your business.  Take a genuine interest in your prospect and make an effort to help them achieve success, meet goals, and obtain what they want and need.  Not only will it be paid forward to others, but it will also be paid back to you.

How To Use Social Media For MLM Success

Social Media websites, like Facebook and Twitter, have changed the world.  Especially in how we can market our mlm and home business.  But if you want to achieve mlm success, you need to know how to devise your social media strategy.

Social media sites allow you to reach a very large number of people.  If you have a following on Facebook or Twitter, each of your posts will show up on the wall of each of those followers.  Likewise, your followers could choose to share the information you provide by sharing it with their followers.  And so on, and so on.  As you can see, one of your posts could eventually be shared with hundreds, or even thousands, of people in a very short time.    This is why it has changed the way people do business.

Then there are the Social Bookmarking sites, like Digg and StumbleUpon.  Here, rather than having your own wall, your posts can be viewed by all members of these websites.  As your posts gain in popularity, they will move up the popularity ladder, which in turn, creates more exposure.

So the main objective is obviously to create and share content which is informative and valuable.  The better the content, the more likely it will be shared among other people.  And perhaps even “go viral”, which is every network marketers dream.

Now, if any of you are on Facebook or Twitter you have probably seen the right way and the wrong way to market your products and/or business.  The wrong way is to send out post after post on your “marvelous business opportunity” where you will “make $50,000 in your first month”.  I used to be one of those people.  And it got me ZERO results.  Why?  Because people tune it out.  What do you do when a commercial comes on the TV?  Odds are you leave the room, channel flip, or just don’t pay any attention.  Or, if you have a DVR, you skip right through it.  The same thing happens on social media sites.

What, then, is the correct way to utilize these sites?  Simple…look 2 paragraphs above.  Create unique, informative posts which can help people.  Everyone else is pushing their opportunity or products.  The secret is to not be like everyone else.

It goes back to the old network marketing rule of creating relationships.  Let’s just assume for a moment that Al Gore never created the internet.  How would you go about marketing your home business?  You would get out there and meet new people to share your information with.  You should be doing the same thing now.  Use these websites to create new relationships.  The difference is that you are able to do it much more quickly and efficiently now.

I’ll give a quick example.  You would never walk up to a stranger and say to him/her, “Hey, I just got involved with a great new online business and I’m making $2000 a week.  Here’s my website”, would you?  Probably not.  Instead, you would try to get to know the person first.  Find out what they are looking for, and if they sound like a fit, then you would invite them to look at your opportunity.  Remember, people will buy from those they know, like, and trust.

You need to think like a consumer.  Would you be more willing to purchase a product or listen to a business proposition from someone you know, or from a telemarketer you have never met?  Keep this in mind the next time you put out a post.  Just like in real life, it takes time to build relationships.  But the results can be extraordinary.

Why You Should Consider Screen Capture Software For MLM

A quick post regarding screen capture software and how you can use it for MLM success.  First, what is it?  Screen capture software allows you to record what is happening on your computer screen, save it as a video, and distribute it through various sources such as webpages, email, and social media sites.

Why is this important?  You can use it in so many different ways.  You could conduct a training session for people, like this video I posted on my blog a few weeks ago, How To Use Movie Making Software.  This is a terrific way to brand yourself as an expert.  Not only are you branding yourself, but you are also providing valuable content for your readers.  Or record an online presentation you have done…or perhaps a PowerPoint slide show…and send the video to prospects or downline associates.  I’m sure you can see the possibilities here.

Another huge benefit is the video itself.  Provided it shares good information.  Let’s say you have a website where you promote various affiliates.  Which do you think would garner more attention:  a banner ad or a screen capture video showing how the affiliate program works?  Remember, videos grab the readers attention.  Maybe consider a banner ad with a video right below it.  If the reader is curious enough from the banner, then they are more likely to watch the video where they can see how it works.  At no risk.  If the banner doesn’t grab their attention, then maybe the video will.

The benefits don’t stop  there.  In order to get the screen capture video onto your website or blog, you will need to upload it to YouTube.  Why is that a big deal?  Because now your video is available to millions of viewers.  Use some basic movie maker software to edit your video and include references to your website or opportunity.  This is what the pros do…provide useful content and then funnel to their website.  And seeing how you now have it on YouTube, you are free to share that video via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So what software should you use?  That’s entirely up to you.  The best software out there is probably Camtasia.  I have never used it personally, but from what I hear it is very powerful.  But along with that comes a hefty price-tag:  about $300.  However, you can get a free 30-day trial from CNET.  The software I use is Debut Video Capture.  While not as powerful, it gets the job done.  And it’s free.  Otherwise, just try a Google search on video capture download and you’ll find plenty of options.

Please feel free to Retweet this post and share it via your favorite social media website.  You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, etc by looking at the Follow Me section over on your right.  And if you happen to be an individual still looking for the right work at home opportunity, you may want to consider my video web tour where I explain how you can profit from the next Trillion Dollar Industry.

Top 5 Home Business Advantages

In my previous post, I discussed the top 9 items to look for in a legitimate home business.  Let’s go back even further.  Why even look at a home business?  What are the advantages of a home business?

In this post, I’ll go through the top 5 reasons why you should consider a home based business.  This, combined with my previous post, should give you a very good starting point when you are considering this industry.

  1. Job Security.  How many people do you know who are out of work?  It may even be you.  This recession has hit many people, and corporate downsizing is at the heart of it.  As someone who has been downsized in the past, I can relate.  And that is part of the reason I got involved with a legitimate home business.  Because you work for yourself, you’re not going to get downsized.  Do not get this confused with being unsuccessful and quitting your home business.  Just like a job, quitting is different from being downsized.
  2. Time.  Ironically, this is also a very common objection.  People will often say, “Well, it sounds great, but I just don’t have the time”.  My response to that is, “And how do you feel about that?”.    Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”.  So if you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll never have more time.  A home business gives you the opportunity to create more time for you and your family.
  3. Residual Income.  This will vary from business to business, but generally if you are involved with network marketing, you are probably going to have the opportunity at making residual income.  Again, this is income you make when you are not even actively working the business.  If you could grow your business and eventually put it on autopilot, yet still earn a good income, doesn’t that sound like a pretty good deal?
  4. Money Freedom.  And the residual income you make is going to give you two benefits:  Time Freedom and Money Freedom.  I have already covered the time aspect, but it’s fairly obvious that it can also result in enough money to last you a lifetime.  Wouldn’t it be nice to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck?  Or wondering where your next check is even going to come from?
  5. Tax Advantages.  Possibly the most overlooked advantage in a home business.  If you are involved in a work from home business, then there are a multitude of tax deductions you can take.  Want to take a prospect out to lunch and give them a presentation?  It’s deductible.  Need to travel to a business meeting?  The mileage is deductible.  Even certain home costs, which are not usually deductible, become tax savings.  Author and former IRS tax attorney, Sandy Botkin, says it best:  “Every North American taxpayer who works a full-time job and does not have a side business is probably overpaying taxes to the tune of $3,000 to $9,000 a year!“.

And those are only the top 5 advantages.  Depending on the business you get involved with, there could be even more.  Free products, helping others, better health, etc.  If you are looking for that time and money freedom, doesn’t it make sense to consider a home business?

So take some time and start researching your options.  A home business could change your life for the better.

Top 9 Items To Look For In A Legitimate Home Based Business

The vast majority of my posts to date have offered tips on how create home business success.  But what if you are someone who wants to start a home based business?  How do you go about finding a legitimate home based business in a sea of scams?  And not only a legitimate home based business, but a successful home based business.  What do you look for?

Accomplished author, Robert Allen, has devised a method for assisting individuals looking for a home business.  He calls it the M.O.N.E.Y.T.R.E.E.  I have a video of his presentation in the Home Business Videos link at the very top of the page.  But I’ll provide a synopsis of what he discusses here.

  1. ‘M’ stands for Multiple Streams Of Income.  This means that the business must create multiple ways, or streams, of generating income.
  2. ‘O’ stands for Outstanding Product.  This is just what it says.  The company must have a product, or products, which are at the top of their industry.  If you don’t have a good product to market, your odds of success are not as good.
  3. ‘N’ stands for No or Little Money Down.  You don’t want to break-the-bank getting into a home business.  So you need to look for something that does not require a large investment.
  4. ‘E’ stands for Employee Resistant.  One of the main purposes of starting a home business is the ability to work for yourself.  You don’t want to get into a home business which requires a lot of employees, if any at all.
  5. ‘Y’ stands for Yield.  Here, you’re looking for a business which not only has opportunity, but also the potential to make a lot of money.
  6. ‘T’ stands for Trend.  This simply means, you want to be involved in an industry which is trending up.  For instance, you probably don’t want to get involved with selling Beanie Babies right now…that trend has passed.  With Baby-Boomers hitting retirement age, the next big trend is health.
  7. ‘R’ stands for Residual Income.  The business you select should be able to offer you residual income.  Meaning, as you put in the effort and grow your business, your business begins to make money for you even when you are NOT actively working it.  An example would be the author of a book.  Significant time is put into actually writing the book.  But once it is published, the author is making money even though they are not actively working on the book.  If you can make money while you sleep, you have found a Residual Income Business.
  8. ‘E’ stands for Essential Products.  These are products people want and need every day.  This serves two purposes:  first, it creates repeat business.  If you are selling bowling balls, generally a customer might only purchase one every couple of years.  Or even in a lifetime.  However, if it is something they use every day, they will continue coming back.  Second, it makes your business recession proof.  If your product is something people can do without, then odds are you will lose that business during an economic downturn.
  9. ‘E’ stands for Enthusiastic.  “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a single day in your life” ~ Confucius.  I think that sums it up pretty well.

So when you are looking for, or evaluating, a home based business just keep these points in mind.  By following this method, the odds of finding a successful home business will increase.  And the result will be something you love.

Scott Huff is a professional network marketer and experienced in personal branding.  He is involved in a home based business which fulfills all the points of Robert Allen’s M.O.N.E.Y.T.R.E.E method.  To see how, you can watch our video web tour and decide for yourself.