Improve your SEO by using a keyword in your posts

Possibly one of the most asked questions is how to improve your SEO rankings so that search engines like Google and Yahoo will find your blog.  Generally, if someone is using a search engine they probably aren’t going to go past the first 2 pages of results.  Therefore, it is your goal to make it to that first page of results.

While there are several tricks to optimizing your blog, one of the easiest ways is to simply use keywords in your title, and within your actual post.

But how do you choose keywords?  There are actually two tools I recommend for helping out with this.  One is Google Trends.  Search for a word and you can see what the search engine trend is for that word.  Look for something that has a fairly steady or increasing trend.

The 2nd tool I recommend is the Google AdWords Keyword Tool.  Here you can search for multiple words and phrases.  When you search, you will get back a list of those items you had entered, along with several other recommendations.  From here, it becomes a simple process of looking at the ‘Global Monthly Searches’ column in the results.  The higher the number, the more often that word or term was searched.

Now, there is another column you can take a look at in these results and that is the “Competition” column.  This tells you how many other sites you are competing with.  So if you choose a word with a fairly high search total and lower competition, odds are you will be able to get a higher hit ratio on the search engines.

One last thing I want to leave you with.  If you are using WordPress for your blogging, there is a widget you should consider installing:  the All in One SEO Pack.  This will allow you to enter keywords into the widget for your post.  That combined with the keywords you are using in your actual post will only help out with your SEO ranking.

I will be covering other tips in future posts, but if you have some suggestions you would like to pass along, feel free to comment.

To Your Success

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