Network Marketing Leads – Old School vs. New School

Raise your hand if you’re in a network marketing business.  Go ahead…no one is looking.  OK, now if these methods of generating network marketing leads for your business sound familiar, keep your hand up:

  1. Write a list of all your friends and family
  2. Call those people and tell them about this wonderful opportunity you just got involved with
  3. Start a conversation with people you meet when you’re out, and bring up your business
  4. Hand out literature, videos, CDs, etc to prospects and follow-up with them
  5. Invite people to business meetings/conference calls/webinars

Still have your hand up?  Just a few months ago, I would have been in the same boat.  These techniques (and these aren’t all of them) are what I refer to as “Old School Network Marketing”.  Odds are you went through some type of network marketing training regarding your particular business, and this was probably THE network marketing system you were told to use.  Why?  Because others have used it and it was successful for them.  Others can learn how to do it, so it’s easy to teach.  It just works.  Well…is it working for you?

You see, this actually WAS the primary technique before the internet.  Network marketing is just that…networking with people, finding what they need or want, and then showing how you can help them get that need or want.  And to do that, you needed to get out there and talk to people:  family, friends, strangers, your neighbor’s dog…whatever.

Can people learn to use these techniques efficiently and create an extremely profitable businesses?  Absolutely.  Can everyone?  Possibly.  Will everyone?  No.  Let me give you an example.  Will some people who play basketball go on to play in the NBA?  Absolutely.  Will everyone?  Even if you attend camps, watch training videos, and practice night and day?  No.  Does that mean you completely quit playing basketball?  Probably not.  So what do you do?  Instead of the NBA, maybe you just keep playing in a rec league or just pick-up games with friends on the weekend.  The point is, you still play basketball.  You find an area you are comfortable with, you learn how to do it better, and you run with it.

That’s where the New School of network marketing comes in.  Thankfully for all of us, Al Gore created the internet.  So how can that help you?  I’ll give you two ways.

First, you are obviously already comfortable with the internet.  Otherwise you wouldn’t have found this post.  Isn’t that were you want to be?  In your comfort zone?  Let’s face it, while it is possible for everyone to become great traditional network marketers, many people just don’t have it in them.  Maybe they’re shy or don’t have a large circle of friends and family.  However, using the internet comes easier.  Maybe that same person is on Facebook and has no problem adding friends and carrying on conversations.  Why?  Because they’re in their comfort zone.

Second, it comes down to numbers.  Let’s say you’ve signed up for a home business, but you’re still working an 8-5 job.  Then you come home, have dinner with the family, play with the kids, etc.  Before you know it, it’s already 9pm.  Doesn’t give you much time to “meet” people.  But let’s say you manage to talk to some family and friends.  What if they say “no”?  Then they get scratched off the list and you move on.  But eventually you’re going to run out of people in your warm market.  Then you’re down to trying to speak to strangers when you go shopping or out to eat.  Or even get desperate enough to buy leads (don’t do that…ever).  You may only be talking to two people/week.  Often times, you don’t talk to anyone.

But here is where the beauty of the internet comes in.    You can spend 30min writing a blog or article and posting it to Facebook.  You could spend 5min shooting a video and posting that to YouTube and Facebook.  You could even spend 30sec just posting on Facebook and including a link.  Now instead of finding time to chase people down to talk about your business, you instead spend a little time and turn the tables.  People chase you down.  That’s right, instead of looking for leads to call, the leads look for you.

If you are posting good content, honestly trying to help people by fulfilling a want or need, it’s going to take a fraction of the time to reach many more people.  Your post is seen by all your friends on Facebook.  And if someone likes what they see, maybe they share it with their friends.  And so on, and so on.  You could reach thousands of people just from a single 5min video.  How long would it take you to reach a couple thousand people using traditional methods?

Am I saying to completely stop using traditional methods?  No.  I’m simply suggesting another comfort zone which may be easier and more efficient for you.  Another tool in your toolbox, so to speak.  Even if you go the internet route, eventually you are still going to need to speak with people.  You’re simply being more efficient with your prospecting.

If you are interested in seeing an example of how I use the internet to prospect for me 24hrs a day, take a look at the video web tour I have setup.  Maybe it will give you some ideas, or maybe it will interest you enough to get some more info from me about it.  Whichever the case, I’m just here to help you get what you want or need.

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