Online Presentations For Home Business Success

No matter what your business is, at some point you may need to do a presentation for a prospect.  It could be geared towards showing your prospect why your products or services are worthwhile purchasing.  Or perhaps you are showing the advantages of your specific business opportunity.

Normally you would want to meet with your prospect in person.  Obviously, it’s more personable and you come off as being professional.  And if your particular business opportunity hosts weekly or monthly “hotel” meetings, these too can be advantageous.

But what if your prospect doesn’t live near by?  With today’s marketing techniques and using the internet and social media, the chances of your prospect being in another city, state, or even country are higher than in years past.  So if your prospect is a thousand miles away, how can you do a presentation for them and still have it come off as both personable and professional?

Some home businesses have recognized this trend and now host daily or weekly conference calls or web meetings.  Now, a web meeting (in my opinion) comes off as being more professional than a conference call because there’s usually some type of video or slide presentation.  But even though it’s professional, you’re still missing that personable element.  I’m not saying these are a waste of time.  Just the opposite actually.

These are terrific ways to invite individuals who happen to find a video or website of yours.  But, if you have been directly working with a prospect and you’ve spent the time creating a relationship with that prospect.  If you’ve established yourself as an expert in your specific area, and that prospect trusts you.  Then you are going to want to do a presentation directly with that prospect, and bypass the “company” web meeting.  But your prospect is in another part of the country.  How can you do a personable and professional presentation for them?

Well, you could hop on a plane and fly to their location.  It would certainly make quite an impression.  But I have another, cheaper, option for you.  Why not do a web presentation on your own?  Your company may be doing larger scale ones now, but there’s nothing preventing yourself from hosting your own presentations.

The most popular software out there is probably GoToMeeting.  It’s a great piece of software which gives you the ability to send out invites to prospects with a web link.  Clicking on that link brings them into the meeting.  On the hosting end, all you need to do is create some type of presentation and share your desktop.  Once you do that, others in the virtual meeting room can see whatever is on your desktop.  The disadvantage here is that there is a cost to it, though it’s fairly reasonable.

But, the intent of this post was to show you FREE ways to present to your prospects.  Allow me to introduce to you, Microsoft SharedView.  If you have used Live Meeting in the past, this has replaced it.  Though I believe Live Meeting is still available.  Again, this allows you to send out invites to prospects with a particular link they can click on.  When they do so, they’ll enter the virtual meeting room and at that point, you can share your desktop and do your presentation.  Anyone in the room will be able to see the presentation and there’s an option to have voice as well.  Plus, it’s a free download.  The only disadvantage is in order for your prospects to view your presentation, they will need to download and install the software themselves.

Now it’s up to you how you do your presentation.  You could show a video, create a PowerPoint presentation, or walk them through a website.  Whatever you feel is best for what you are doing.

But not only are these personable and professional, they can become time savers as well.  Let’s say you have 6 prospects and 2 friends who are interested in your opportunity.  You could spend 30min with each of them doing a presentation for a total of 4hrs.  Or, you could invite all 8 of them to one of your presentations, in which case you take care of all 8 in 30min.

When you have inexpensive or free methods of doing web presentations for prospects, you can further brand yourself as an expert in your area.  And as your reputation grows, so will your conversion rates:  from prospect to customer or team member.

Are you using another piece of software to do your presentations?  If so, feel free to post a comment and let us all know how it’s working for you.  And if you aren’t sure how important personal branding is, take a look at my other site, where I take individuals on a personalized web tour and explain my business opportunity.

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