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Just wanted to take a few moments to deviate away from the normal posts here and give a quick review on a tool which I’ve been using for a few weeks now.  Why?  For a couple of reason.  First, it WILL drive traffic to your site.  Not “it can drive traffic” or “it might drive traffic”.  If you do it, you will get hits to your site.  Second, just that little gem might be enough, but there are other benefits which I will outline below.   So I feel it’s worthwhile.  And third, it’s FREE.  And getting free traffic is always a good thing. is…well…a link referral site.  But it differs from others I’ve seen out there.  As I said, it’s free to sign-up.  Once you’re in, you submit your website and choose from one of their categories/subcategories your website pertains to.  It will then be listed there.  If you have multiple websites to promote, you’ll have to register multiple times…once for each website.

As soon as you have your website listed, you’ll be ranked within that category.  Let’s say there are 2000 other websites listed in the same category.  You might be in position 1,698.  But here’s where it starts to get interesting.  You can improve your position, even moving it to the first page.  And it doesn’t take any money to do so.  Just a little bit of time.

All you need to do is visit other members websites which are listed in the directory.  Doesn’t really matter what category.  Usually with the referral sites I have seen, you need to visit a certain number of websites to get some sort of benefit.  That usually translates into people just bouncing to your site simply to get credit for doing so, and not really looking at your site.  But this site is a little different.

If you actually want your ranking to increase, you need to visit 30 other sites, but you ALSO need to review 5 of those sites.  And your review needs to be more than simply writing, “Nice site”.  They do check the reviews and will disallow generic reviews like that.  And lastly, you need to post something in one of their forum topics on the site.  This creates an environment where people actually interact with each other.  Simply by performing these 3 things, you can bump your website up the rankings very quickly.  Or even to the very top, as I have done a couple times.  You can also add someone’s site to your favorites which also bumps your ranking a little.

So #1, you’re getting your website listed in a directory.  And #2, it’s a very simple process to increase your ranking within the site by just spending a little time looking at and reviewing some other sites.  Why is this important to you?  Well, you’re getting free traffic first and foremost because other members are also trying to increase their rankings and will visit your site.  But in the process, you are also having people review your site.  Sometimes you’ll get generic reviews, but generally the reviews can be very helpful.  Maybe there’s a way to improve your site which you haven’t thought of, but someone makes a good suggestion in a review.

In addition, as you are reviewing other sites, you are exposed to other ideas which you might be able to incorporate into your site.  So as you can see, there’s an opportunity to not only get free traffic driven to your site, but also a chance to improve upon your site.

If you are not much for spending your time surfing, they have some other options.  You could spend $35/month and always be ranked towards the top without having to visit other sites.  And, people will still review your site.  There are also other advertising methods one can employ at very reasonable prices.  There’s even an option where you can earn money for referrals your site brings in.

All-in-all, if you’re looking at a quick and easy way to drive traffic, then I’d recommend this site to you.  I’ve already seen my traffic increase, pingbacks have increased, and people have bookmarked my site.  And I’m just using the free service.  So if you’re interested in it, you can visit their site by clicking on the ad banner over on the right or just go out to…as I said, I’m not participating in their affiliate program at this time, so it’s not like I’m benefiting from sending people out there.  I just wanted to mention the site b/c I think it could be beneficial.

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