How To Use A Sales Funnel For Your MLM Business

Using a Sales Funnel should be an integral part of your business plan if you want to achieve home business success.  And using a sales funnel is a concept I was not introduced to when I first began my home business.  Because of the value, and the fact you may not be aware of the concept yourself, I felt it would be beneficial to explain it to some degree.

Let’s begin with an explanation of exactly what a sales funnel is.  The basic concept here is to funnel prospects through a system to not only get leads, but to also qualify those leads.  When they come out of the funnel, you should have highly targeted, highly qualified leads who want to partner with you.  That’s a far cry from you having to find them, which is what 95% of network marketers do right now.

The process of creating a sales funnel is fairly straight forward.  And nowadays, it can be done primarily through the use of social media.  So your first step is to get signed up for sites such as Facebook and Twitter, if you’re not already.  It costs absolutely nothing to sign up for these sites, so we’re talking about free home business advertising here.  These sites are going to become your front line in the battle.

You are also going to want to dust off those old English Composition books from school.  Article writing is going to become another tool in your box, as is blogging.  Writing good, informative articles will not only drive people through your funnel, but it also helps to brand yourself as an expert.  Look at a site like ezinearticles for writing articles.  Again, it is free to sign-up.

When it comes to blogs, you have two options:  you can create a free site via WordPress, Blogger or Blogspot.  They are very easy to use and you can get a site up in no time.  The downside is that search engines do not crawl them very well.  To combat that flaw, you can go with a paid site like  The format is the same as the free site, but you are given the freedom to use your own domain name.  You will need to purchase your domain name and a hosting site, but this will also allow you more freedom in designing your blog AND the search engines will find you easier.

Take a look at this graphic showing a basic sales funnel for mlm businesses:

As you can see, your Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and articles would be located in the upper left of this diagram.  From there, they are funneled to a lead capture page so you can obtain their contact info.  You then work on building a relationship with these people via your social media websites, email, and phone calls.  Remember, people will buy from those they know, like, and trust.  And eventually, they are funneled to your specific business opportunity or product.

My method differs slightly from the diagram here, as I combine my lead capture page with my business opportunity.  So let me give you an example of how I accomplish this.

I create a blog article with beneficial content for people.  I will then use Facebook and Twitter (along with a few other social media sites) to promote the article I have written.  This funnels individuals who are interested in my topic over to my blog.  From my blog, they can read the full article.  At the end of the article is something called an ‘About The Author’ box.  It is here where I direct people to my lead capture/business opportunity site.  You can see an example at the end of this article.  If they enter their information to gain access to the free video tour I get two benefits:  first, I now have contact information and second, they are able to view my unique business opportunity.

As you can see, if a person is interested enough from what they see on Facebook they will read the full article on my blog.  And if the information is captivating enough, they may proceed to the business opportunity site.  If their curosity is peaked enough, they enter their contact information and view my web tour.  At this point they have gone through three aspects of the funnel system.  This lead has shown enough interest to become a highly qualified lead.

From this point, it becomes a simple process of making contact with that lead and talking to them about what they have seen.  That’s right…no more having to purchase leads.  So I hope you see the benefits a sales funnel can provide you with not only finding leads, but also in qualifying those leads and establishing a relationship.

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