4 Tips to Save Time in Your Home Business

It’s one of the most common objections you receive from a prospect.  And it can dramatically slow down your home business expansion.  Time.

How often have you received the “I just don’t have time” objection from a prospect?  How often do you find yourself pressed for time to fully work your home business.  Sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t have time to update your blog, write an article, record a video, or spend the amount of time needed with your prospects or new partners to grow your home business.  Or maybe you still have a regular job (as I do) and need to juggle your job, family life, and your home business.  Don’t forget to fit sleep in there somewhere.

What if you had more time?  What if there was a way to save time doing certain tasks, thus freeing you up to perform other important tasks?  And, what if these tips were easily duplicated so you could show others in your downline how to become just as efficient.  Wouldn’t this have the effect of growing not only your business, but also the business of others under you?

Here are 4 time saving tips I have discovered and utilized in my home business:

1.  Autoresponder Software.  If you are not using  autoresponder software yet, you need to give it some serious consideration.  An autoresponder allows you to put your email marketing on autopilot.  When someone signs up for your blog or newsletter, they are immediately added to your autoresponder contact list.  Likewise, you can manually add emails to your contact list.  Then all you need to do is setup specific email campaigns or newsletters within the autoresponder software and specify who is to receive them.  As an example, you may want to create a Welcome Message whenever someone signs up on your blog or opts-in to receive more information about your business.  If you have a newsletter, you can get it setup and simply schedule it to go out to your list on a specific day and/or time.  And just as important, you can view vital statistics to see how many people are opening your emails or clicking on links within them.  This information can then be used to create more effective emails and newsletters.   One of the more popular autoresponder software packages out there is AWeber.  You can try it out for free by filling out the form on the ad in the lower right of this page.  This saves you the time of sending individual emails to everyone.

2.  YouTube Videos.  If you are using a blog as part of your sales funnel, you know how time consuming it is to keep your blog updated with valuable information.  It takes time to get your thoughts together.  It takes time to type those thoughts into your blog.  For some of us, it takes A LOT of time to get that typing done.  But there is an alternate.  Instead of spending 30-60min updating your blog with text, think about using a video instead.  Your setup time is practically the same, but instead of having to type in the information you simply record yourself talking about your points.  The video can then be uploaded to YouTube and used within your blog.  Not only does it save some time, but it has the added effect of personalizing your site.  This technique has become so important that my next blog post will cover this topic in more detail.

3.  Get The Word Out.  There are millions upon millions of people who are using social media websites such as Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  If you are not using these sites to promote yourself and your business, you’re missing out and behind the times.  And if you are using them, great!  But you may not be using them to their full potential.  Though these are the four major sites out there, others are available.  Some you may not even know about.  In fact, you may only be using one or two of them because it just takes too long to log into every single site out there and post your material.  If you could post 1-time and have it automatically post to all your other social media websites, that would probably save you some time.  Well you can.  There are two sites which do just that:  Ping.FM and Onlywire.  I would recommend signing up for both to ensure you are hitting all the available sites out there.  Now, there is going to be some setup time involved as you’ll need to create an account for all these sites and possibly get people to follow you.  But once that is complete (it should only take a couple hours), you are now able to post something once and have it automatically post to 10,20, or even 50 other sites automatically.  Think of the time savings there!!!  Not to mention the increased reach you’ll have.  Another double-benefit.

4.  Schedule Your Time.  The last item has nothing to do with special software.  There’s no secret tip or trick.  It’s simply setting up a schedule.  If you have something written down specifying when you are going to reserve time for specific tasks to grow your home business, odds are you are going to be better at keeping that schedule.  For instance, if you want to keep your blog up-to-date (and you do, as the search engines will find it easier) then schedule time every day or every other day to post new content to your blog.  It could be in the morning, over your lunch hour, or in the evening.  Just as long as you have the time scheduled and you hold yourself accountable to keeping that schedule.

If you are not utilizing these time saving tips in your home business, you need to start.  3 of the 4 tips are totally free, the exception being AWeber.  And even that has a free trial and is not very costly once the trial period is over.

If you have other time saving tips, feel free to post them here.  And if you are looking for a home business where you will get the training and information necessary to succeed, please take our free video web tour and see if our opportunity might be for you.

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