Why You Should Consider Screen Capture Software For MLM

A quick post regarding screen capture software and how you can use it for MLM success.  First, what is it?  Screen capture software allows you to record what is happening on your computer screen, save it as a video, and distribute it through various sources such as webpages, email, and social media sites.

Why is this important?  You can use it in so many different ways.  You could conduct a training session for people, like this video I posted on my blog a few weeks ago, How To Use Movie Making Software.  This is a terrific way to brand yourself as an expert.  Not only are you branding yourself, but you are also providing valuable content for your readers.  Or record an online presentation you have done…or perhaps a PowerPoint slide show…and send the video to prospects or downline associates.  I’m sure you can see the possibilities here.

Another huge benefit is the video itself.  Provided it shares good information.  Let’s say you have a website where you promote various affiliates.  Which do you think would garner more attention:  a banner ad or a screen capture video showing how the affiliate program works?  Remember, videos grab the readers attention.  Maybe consider a banner ad with a video right below it.  If the reader is curious enough from the banner, then they are more likely to watch the video where they can see how it works.  At no risk.  If the banner doesn’t grab their attention, then maybe the video will.

The benefits don’t stop  there.  In order to get the screen capture video onto your website or blog, you will need to upload it to YouTube.  Why is that a big deal?  Because now your video is available to millions of viewers.  Use some basic movie maker software to edit your video and include references to your website or opportunity.  This is what the pros do…provide useful content and then funnel to their website.  And seeing how you now have it on YouTube, you are free to share that video via Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So what software should you use?  That’s entirely up to you.  The best software out there is probably Camtasia.  I have never used it personally, but from what I hear it is very powerful.  But along with that comes a hefty price-tag:  about $300.  However, you can get a free 30-day trial from CNET.  The software I use is Debut Video Capture.  While not as powerful, it gets the job done.  And it’s free.  Otherwise, just try a Google search on video capture download and you’ll find plenty of options.

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