Stop Buying Leads! Tips For Finding Targeted Leads

How many people do you know who have gone the route of purchasing leads?  Whether we’re talking about phone or email leads, odds are you know someone who had tried.  In fact, you may have tried yourself.  If so, how did they work out?  Personally, my experience with them has not been good.  So what I am going to do is break down what I have tried and go through the results I have seen.  Then I’ll provide some alternatives.

Over the years, I have tried both purchased phone and email leads.  With regards to phone leads, I’ve gone through local leads, real time local leads, targeted leads, and phone interviewed leads.  With the email leads, I’ve purchased targeted leads to use for email blasts.  So let’s go through each of the phone lead types in case you are not familiar with them.

Companies gather leads several ways, but the most common I have see are lead capture pages.  A company may have a website targeted towards people looking for a home business, for example.  If an individual finds the website and likes what they see, they will fill out an online form to receive more information.  This becomes the lead sent to you.  Leads can contain a varying amount of data, such as name, phone, address, best time to call, interest level, and amount of money they are willing to spend.  Keep these points in mind.

When you purchase local leads, generally you enter your area code when ordering.  The company you have bought the leads from will then send leads your way which are in that same area code.  Usually you receive these the same day, or maybe the next day.  Real time local leads are the same thing, except they are sent to you immediately after the individual completes the online form.

When you order targeted leads, you can specify what target audience you wish to communicate with.  If you are selling supplements, you would probably target individuals who are interested in health.  This is supposed to get you highly qualified leads.  Going one step further are the phone interviewed leads.  Here, when an individual completes the form, a representative from the lead company will phone that person.  This is supposed to ensure the phone number is valid, the person actually did fill out the form, and they are still interested in the opportunity.  Obviously, this should result in a very high quality lead.  Afterall, the company has already done the legwork of qualifying the lead for you.

In all these cases, my experience has not been positive.  Regardless of the lead type, I have never received an order, nor had someone signup in my business.  With the local leads, there have been too many times where the individual never filled out the form or was no longer interested.  The phone interviewed leads had the best results with regards to actually speaking to someone about my opportunity.  However, what I discovered is the lead data I received was not very accurate.  On the lead form, I might see they have $1000 to invest in a business, but when I call and discuss the opportunity with them, I discover they have little or no money.

Generally, my personal feeling is that these are people who are looking for a “get rich quick” type of business which requires little or no money to start.  That said, the opportunity you have may be what they are looking for.  And as I always say, just because it didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you.  If you decide to try leads for yourself, first do a search for companies and then do a search on that specific company.  For instance, you may find ABC Company sells targeted leads.  However, when you do a search on ABC Company, you find several complaints.  So do your research before buying.

So, odds are your upline has told you to buy leads are start calling to grow your business.  But if you decide buying leads is a waste of time and money, what do you do?  There are alternatives.  And if you were planning on spending money for leads anyway, these are probably better methods.

The first, and probably best, method is to look into Facebook ads.  Facebook is the #2 site on the internet and setting up an ad is very simple.  You setup the ad yourself, and they allow you to target a specific audience extremely well.  Going back to the supplements example, you could target an audience living in your state, between the ages of 25-and-55, who are interested in health.  When those individuals log into their Facebook account, at some point they will see your ad.  Now, the cost is a little high on these types of ads, but you only have to pay when your link is clicked.  In addition, you need to get pretty creative with your ads, as Facebook is notoriously picky about what types of ads they allow.  Google Adwords is another option, and is very similar.  However, Facebook ads seem to be overtaking Google Adwords.

StumbleUpon is another social media website which allows ads.  However, this is more cost effective than Facebook.  You are still able to setup an ad which targets a certain population, and the cost is very low.  But instead of paying for every click on your ad, you pay for each time your website is displayed, or “stumbled upon”.  The cost is 5-cents/impression, but you need to make sure your webpage captures the readers attention right away.

Another method is to start visiting forums and posting quality answers to question posed on the forum.  Usually, forums allow you to include a link to your website within your signature.  If you show yourself to be an expert in a certain area, you may receive targeted traffic to your site.  And the cost is free.

Another suggestion is article writing.  I’ve only used EzineArticles myself, so I can only speak to that.  When you create your article, you can select an area the article pertains to…for instance, health or maybe home business.  In the ‘About the Author’ box you can give a brief description of yourself and include a link back to your site.  Make sure you explain why you are in a position to be writing the article in the first place.  Again, if people like what they read and begin to trust what you have to say, they are more likely to go to your website.

And finally, I want to mention YouTube.  Even though my last post was specifically on this, it bears repeating.  YouTube is the #3 site on the web.  Not only that, but you have the additional advantage of people actually watching you discuss something, rather than having to read it themselves.  If given a choice between reading and watching, generally people will choose to watch and listen.  Use this to your advantage, as it is very powerful.

You’ll notice that the alternative suggestions I have offered are the same suggestions I had for driving traffic to your website.  What you are trying to accomplish here is to brand yourself as an expert.  Someone people can trust and will actually seek out.  This has the effect of becoming the “hunted” rather than the “hunter”.  People who seek you out for a business opportunity or products are already qualified.  Otherwise they wouldn’t be contacting you.  From there, it just becomes a matter of answering their questions and closing the deal.

If you would like to see how I put these branding techniques to use, or if you are interested in taking the next step towards rat-race freedom, please take my free video web tour and let me know what you think.

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