The Pay-It-Forward Concept And Network Marketing

A mentor of mine posted a very interesting comment on Facebook today.  He included a video from the movie, “Pay It Forward” starring Kevin Spacey and asked if this was a pyramid scheme.

If you do not know the concept of the movie, a boy comes up with an idea.  He would do a good deed for three people.  Rather than getting “paid back” directly from these people, he instead asks that they, in turn, perform a random act of kindness for three other people.  And so on, and so forth.  You can see an outline of the structure in the picture to the left.

Now, looking at this picture does it look familiar to you at all?  Looks just like one of those pesky “pyramid schemes”, doesn’t it?  So, is this some type of scam?  Of course not.  It is simply an efficient method of one person helping a multitude of others, both directly and indirectly.

The same can be said of a majority of network marketing/home businesses out there.  Isn’t this exactly what you are trying to do in your business?  Help others?  Whether it is helping others obtain extra income, bettering the health of others, or having parents spend more time with their children.  It doesn’t matter what the goal is, the effect is the same:  you are paying it forward.

Let’s assume you are involved in a home business specializing in health products.  If you talk to three people and show them the benefits of your products and business, to the point where they decide to sign up under you, you are now helping those three people.  You are not asking for anything in return, but rather asking them to carry on the message to three other people.  They each, in turn, help three people of their own.  You are now helping a total of twelve people.

Are you receiving a benefit from helping these twelve people achieve their goals?  Sure you are.  It is still a business.  But the concept still holds true.  By speaking to three people about your products or your business, you are starting a chain reaction.

If you have ever seen the video, “The Secret“, or believe in the concept of Karma, you know exactly where this is going.  People who care about helping other people first, and about their own success second, tend to do better in the long-run.

Keep this in mind when you are out there working your business.  Take a genuine interest in your prospect and make an effort to help them achieve success, meet goals, and obtain what they want and need.  Not only will it be paid forward to others, but it will also be paid back to you.

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