Tips On Blog Advertising

Blog advertising is essential to the success of your blog.  You might put out the greatest information in the history of blogs, but without blog advertising, who’s going to know about it?  You need a way to get the word out.

Some may go the route of paid advertising, but I can tell you from experience, this doesn’t always give you the results you are looking for.  Especially when you are first starting out.  The best bet is to look for ways to promote your blog for free, or to capture the interest of the search engines.

Social Media

Right now, this is the most efficient way of blog marketing.  What you want is for your blog or article to go “viral”.  Meaning, it is shared among countless numbers of people via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  As people share your information, others will hopefully share it with their lists as well.  The secret here is to create articles which are both informative and useful to many people.


YouTube is the 3rd most popular website on the internet right now.  If you are not using videos to promote your blog, you are behind others.  Not only does is allow people to associate your blog with a person, but the search engines love videos.

Personal Branding

Going hand-in-hand with videos, when people visit your blog you want them to feel as if they know you.  Posting a video greeting will help accomplish this.  Give an overview of what your blog is about.  People are more willing to watch a video than to read text.  And if you are putting out enough videos, you will soon become something of an “internet celebrity”.

Be Active

Search engines take notice of how often you post to your blog.  If you only post once or twice a month, it’s going to affect your SEO ranking.  So try to post a minimum of twice/week.  Three times is possible.  Daily would be best, though not always possible.  Even I run out of ideas to blog about.  And don’t forget about the people leaving comments on your site.  Interact with them.  Make your blog a place where people can not only get vital information, but also where they can socialize with others sharing their same interests.

Waste Not, Want Not

Try not to go overboard on the size of your blog posts.  As I said earlier, people will spend more time watching a video than reading text.  But if you are only using text, keep the post to around 500-600 words.  Anything more and the reader may lose interest.  If you tend to have longer articles, break them up with subheadings so your readers can easily scan your article for useful information which pertains specifically to them.

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