Top 7 Methods For Expanding Your MLM Business

So what does work? Here are the top methods I’ve discovered, in no particular order.

  1. Blogging.  I would recommend setting up a account.  This allows you to choose your own domain name, and the surf engines tend to find it easier.  If you want to setup your own domain, I would recommend using HostGator to host your site.  There is a banner button to the right for your benefit.  Their service is top-notch and prices are low.  There is also a link at the bottom of the page for a special GoDaddy price, once you have decided upon a URL name.  Getting your WordPress setup is a fairly simple process, and finding instructions online is easy enough.  If you have no idea of what you’re doing, I would suggest the video tour package at to help you out.  I believe she sells it for around $200, but if you don’t know what you are doing, it’s well worth it.  Once you are setup and ready to begin blogging, remember that you do NOT want to promote your personal opportunity directly.  Instead, you want to simply provide beneficial information.  In order to have people come back to your site, or sign up for your RSS feed, you’ll want to always create posts about things which will provide benefit to your readers.  Once they sign up via your opt-in form then you can work with them by using your autoresponder.
  2. Use An Opt In Form.  This is a simple form designed to capture the name and email address of your readers.  If you go out to an autoresponder site, such as AWeber (there is a banner ad to the right towards the bottom) they will provide templates of various opt in forms for you to select from.  Then it’s just a matter of putting the code into your site.  You will want to offer the reader some type of a reward for signing up on your site:  a free video, an ebook, etc.  Then, setup your autoresponder to send out a welcome email to your readers when they sign up.  Make sure you include instructions on how to get the free gift you promised them.  Setup a few more emails to get sent out at various time frames to make sure they are finding everything they need.  Eventually, you can begin to include emails about your opportunity.
  3. Find a mentor.  To make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck, see if you can find a successful individual or maybe a group which meets on  a regular basis.  Sometimes, your upline is not the way you want to go, as the advice they give is usually to hand out material, follow-up, and invite.  However, you are attempting to use the internet to your advantage here.  So it is important that you find someone who is both experienced and successful so you can duplicate what they are doing.  You can use to find groups which may be meeting in your area.
  4. Write Articles.  This follows along with the same principles as your blog posts.  Make sure when you write your articles, that you are providing benefit to anyone who finds your article.  You want the piece to be informative because at this point what you are trying to do is brand yourself as an expert.  Also, make sure you include a link back to your primary blog in the ‘About the Author’ box of your article.  If someone enjoys your article, they may visit your blog and become a member.  I would recommend using for your article submission.
  5. Social Media.  If you are not one of the millions of people on Facebook, what are you waiting for?  Facebook is changing the way people do business.  But don’t stop there.  Also sign up for Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, and any other sites you can find.  Then start adding friends and building a network.  Why?  Because here is what you want to do.  When you put out a new post on your blog, you’re going to want to let people know about it.  Broadcasting it on the various social media platforms is perfect because it amounts to free advertising.  Plus, if people like what the read, they may share it with their friends and hopefully it ends up going viral.  StumbleUpon is really good for this and I would recommend you join.
  6. Record a video:  Remember, your goal is to brand yourself.  You want others to see and recognize you when they are on the net.  What’s more, you want to brand yourself as an expert.  So when someone sees you on the web, they’re going to associate your face with being a go-to person.  Someone they would like to work with.  And that’s exactly what you are after.  You can use Windows to edit your video if need be.  And if you would like to use a teleprompter when recording, you can download some free software which will turn your laptop into a prompter.  I would recommend doing that, as your videos will look more professional.  Once your video is done, drop it onto your blog.
  7. Broadcast yourself.  OK, so you’ve got everything setup and you’re making posts.  You’ve signed up for about 30 social media websites like Twitter and Facebook.  But it’s taking you FOREVER to post to all these sites.  There’s an easier way.  You should signup for both Ping.FM and  What these services do is allow you to link all of your accounts in one location.  Then simply putting out a post within, say, Ping.FM will then post to ALL of your websites you have setup!  One easy post.  Quite a time saver.

I’d be interested in hear what you think of this article.  Please post a comment below.  Or if you have other ideas you have tried and been successful at, post those as well.

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