Using QR Codes To Generate Curiosity

You may or may not know what the image to the left is.    It is something called a QR Code and they are taking the advertising world by storm.  Created in Japan back in 1994, QR, or Quick Response, Codes and beginning to pick up steam in the States.

So what are they and how do you use a QR Code for your business?  Quite simply, a QR Code is a 2D barcode.  If you have a mobile device with a barcode scanner/reader, you simply scan the image.  But these codes are far more powerful than traditional barcodes.  Because of the 2D image, they can store more information that a standard barcode.  For instance, you can use a QR code to link to a website, scan in contact information, or in this case send the user directly to an app on the Android market.

You can see the possibilities here.  Go ahead and scan the image if you have an Android mobile device.  You will immediately be taken to an app called TundraVersions on the Android market.  This creates curiosity for people wondering where the code is going to take them.  Thus, you drive traffic to your website or market.

Likewise, you can use QR codes on Facebook.  Need a unique way to try and drive traffic to your blog or online store?  Post a new article, then get a QR Code that points to your website.  Send out emails with a code as your signature.  Whatever you can think of to generate interest and get people to scan your image.

Now, exactly how do you go about creating one of these QR Codes?  That’s easy.  There are several websites on the web which will create codes for you.  Kaywa will create codes to take your users to a website, display text to them (maybe you want to show a promo code), or scan a phone nbr.  ZXing will allow you to create codes for URLs, contact info, calendar events, email addresses, and more.  Create one to link to your social media site.  I think you’re getting the idea here.  The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” could not be more appropriate here.

So take some time to spice up your advertising, marketing, and promotion.  Start using QR Codes.  Not only do they create curiosity and drive traffic, but they can be fun and they make you look like you are on the cutting edge.

To Your Success.

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