Top 10 Suggestions – How Do You Increase Your Web Traffic?

You’ve spent hours creating your new website or blog.  You have important information, products, or services to share.  Now how do you get people to actually find your site?  Here are my Top 10 suggestions to get traffic to your website.  And not just any traffic, but quality traffic.  And in many cases, it’s free.

  1. Social Media.  Facebook is the #2 site on the internet, behind only Google.  If you have a website or blog to promote, you need to be on Facebook.  But don’t stop there.  You should look at joining other social media websites such as Twitter (#12), MySpace (#30), LinkedIn (#27), and Tagged (#196).  To show you how popular these sites are, let’s look at some comparisons.  ESPN (#66), NBC (#1877), MTV (#551), and Disney (#495) are all household names, yet their website rankings are lower than all the ones I just listed, except for Tagged.  And even there, only ESPN beats them out.  Even social media sites which are not ranked very high can still be beneficial.  So why join these sites?  Because it is a way to drive free traffic to your websites.  Once you join, you will probably need to establish friends/connections on the site.  Try looking for people who share an interest in whatever you are trying to promote.  Look for individuals who belong to groups related to your area and add them.  You’ll want to build a good base of “targeted traffic” for your posts.  And when you post, make sure you are providing beneficial information, not simply “pimping” your website or products.  This will turn people off QUICK.
  2. YouTube.  The #3 site on the web.  Just like Facebook, if you are serious about promoting your website, products, or services, then you need to have a YouTube account.  Recording a video is a simple process.  Think of it as a visual blog entry.  Instead of typing your post, you are simply recording yourself talking about it.  And don’t worry…you don’t need to memorize a script to record a video.  My personal preference is to use a teleprompter so I can just read what I have to say.  Take a look at my intro video on this page…I’m using a teleprompter.  Specifically, I’m using a product called PromptPCLite, which you can download for free here.  By recording a video, you are branding yourself as a person, not just a writer.  People are also more likely to stay on a page which contains a video.  One of my upcoming posts will specifically be about YouTube, so I won’t go into the details here.
  3. Ping.FM and Onlywire.  Once you have joined some social media websites and have established a good base of friends/connections, now you need to get your posts out there to start driving quality traffic to your site.  But if you have joined a dozen social media sites, it can become pretty time consuming to post on each one of them.  Instead, consider signing up for Ping.FM or Onlywire.  Once you join, you simply connect their service with all of your social media accounts.  When you are ready to post something, simply log in and post one time.  It will instantly be posted to all of your accounts, thus saving you a lot of time.
  4. Linkbacks.  One method the search engines use to determine your SEO ranking is by looking at linkbacks to your site.  Essentially, having links to your website spread across the web.  You can begin the process by joining sites such as  Once you join, you can add your website to their directory.  Now, here’s where the magic starts.  You might pick a category with 10,000 other sites in it.  However, it is possible to jump from the last few pages to the FIRST page…for free.  All you need to do is visit the sites of 30 other members and give an honest 2-3 sentence review of 5 sites.  This has two benefits.  First, you get to see what other people are doing.  Who knows…you may get some fresh ideas.  And in the process, your site moves to the front of the line.  And second, other people also want their site on the first page or two, so they are also going to be visiting sites and posting reviews.  Your site WILL be one of those sites.  So, not only are you getting the benefit of having a link on linkreferral, but you are also getting traffic driven to your site.  And in the process, you may find that one of those reviewers likes your site enough to add a link on your site.  And while you are reviewing sites yourself, if you find one in the same area as yours, send the owner a message and ask to exchange links:  you add his and he’ll add yours.  Also, make sure you add your blog to the blog directories out there.  This gets you more free publicity and gets your link out in more locations.  Three I suggest are:  BlogExplosion, BlogHub, and Blogged.  You can see ads for all of them in the sidebar.
  5. Forum Posting.  You can find forums all over the internet.  You can do simple Google searches to find forums.  For instance, if you are promoting a health blog, do a search on “health forums”.  Another good one is  Now remember, when you post to a forum you want to provide benefit and/or information to the readers.  If the forum allows a signature/reference/about box, here is where you can include a link to your site.  Otherwise, usually you can include it within your profile.  This method gets another link to your site on the web for the crawlers AND gets your site more exposure.
  6. Article Submissions.  There are plenty of article websites out there.  Personally, I like, and if you are going to choose just one, this is the one I would recommend.  If you are a blogger, then you are essentially writing articles already.  It could be as simple as doing a copy/paste of one of your blog posts and creating an article about it.  Trust me…you do not need to be an expert writer to write articles.  In the “about the author” box, you can give a brief description of who you are and include a link to your site.  Yep, another link on the web.  Plus, these articles do pretty well on the search engines.  But most importantly, it has the effect of…….
  7. Branding Yourself As An Expert.  I’ve been leading you right to this point.  If you are providing beneficial information in your social media posts, forum posts, and article submissions, people are going to start looking to you for more information.  In other words, they will think of you as an expert in the area and seek YOU out.  And as a result, they will trust what you have to say and look forward to your next post or article.  Thus creating a dual effect:  not only are they more likely to visit your site, but they are also more likely to pass the information on to other people they know, resulting in more traffic to your site.  The intent here is to provide information that is so beneficial that it goes viral.  Friends recommend to other friends, who recommend to other friends, etc.
  8. Advertising.  This one you need to be careful about.  There are LOTS of scam sites on the web promising you “guaranteed” web traffic.  Take my advice and learn from my experiences…stay away from any site where you need to pay for guaranteed traffic.  This includes email leads.  I have tried several of these “services” and not once have I ever received any benefit.  Sure, I’ve gotten traffic…but I’ve never received one opt-in or sale from that traffic.  Now, that said, not ALL advertising methods are the same.  You could get business cards to pass out.  Or take a small ad out in a PennySaver type of newspaper.  These are fairly inexpensive.  Now, if you do want to pay for traffic, then I would suggest the last two points I have to make:
  9. Facebook Ads.  This is starting to overtake Google Adwords.  But there’s good news and bad news.  The good news is that you can really target the market you want the ad to appear to.  If I want to show an ad to people who are between 25-and-55 living in Wisconsin who are interested in home business and health, I can do it.  The bad news is that ads are going to cost some money, but are cheaper than some of the other alternatives out there.  And as I said, they can be highly targeted.  There are also some issues with actually getting your ad approved to be shown on Facebook, so it may take some trial-and-error.  And lastly,
  10. StumbleUpon.  If you haven’t heard about this, it is another social medial website.  But I didn’t include it in that section because it serves a dual purpose.  First, as a social site…and second, as a cheap advertiser.  The premise is simple.  Join for free and install their toolbar (if you want to).  People on the site are called “Stumblers”.  While on the site, you can “Stumble” to a random website based upon your preferences and interests.  Now, if you have a site to promote you can add it to their directory.  In which case, at some point another Stumbler will “Stumble” on your website.  More free traffic.  If they like the site, they can share it with other Stumblers.  Now, here’s where the advertising comes into play.  You can purchase ads from StumbleUpon for a mere 5-cents/click.  You fund your account with an amount you wish to spend, then indicate how many clicks you want every day.  I have seen GREAT traffic results from using this service.

These methods have seemed to work best for me.  Now, just because they work for me doesn’t necessarily mean they will work for you as well.  But considering the fact that everything other than the paid ads are free, they might be worth trying out.  And if you have personally seen good results from using other methods, please feel free to share them by posting a comment.

If you would like to see an example of how I successfully brand myself and promote my opportunity, take a look at my capture page.  And if it grabs your interest, take the video web tour where I explain the opportunity.  Like everything else I’ve recommended….it’s free.

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